A Brief History of Film Group Project & Presentation

Primary Resource -- Flashback

Poster/Timeline -- Each group will be responsible for two chapters per decade, with primary emphasis on America developments. Generally format as a timeline, though that may not fit perfectly. Make sure that you cover --

Cultural context
Technological developments
Industry trends and status
Who's Who -- major stars, directors, producers, etc.
Significant films
Genre associated with the decade

Illustrate your decade with pictures printed from the internet or photocopied.

You will be provided with butcher paper 5 feet maximum of butcher paper and basic markers, glue, etc. If you need materials beyond that you will need to provide them yourself.

Proofread carefully before writing on the final copy. Remember proper punctuation of film titles! Names of all members on the front.

Handout -- one typed page covering the major details of your decade. Sort of like notes for your classmates. Include a separate bibliography.

Presentation to the class -- 20 minutes (may even include short movie clips).

Lab time will not be scheduled as a class