The Student Critic: Critiquing a Classic Black & White Film

Become a critic yourself! Impress me with your talent, your knowledge of film techniques, your understanding of film in general, and your insight about your chosen film. Your written review should be five paragraphs.

Paragraph #1: A summary of the film's content, including title and other basic information. Start with a catchy beginning and end with your thesis sentence.

Paragraph #2: Analysis of a specific sequence, discussing number and type of shots, cuts, camera angles, and any other relevant film techniques. Think, "What is the effect of _____?" Start with a topic sentence and include at least three details to prove your opinion.

Paragraph #3: Analysis of another sequence.

Paragraph #4: Analysis of another sequence.

Paragraph #5: Your opinion of the film, using specifics as evidence. Informal "I" OK. Restate your thesis sentence in different words. Tell us what you told us and establish closure.

You must select your film from the following approved list of black and white films. You will need to watch the film on your own time. If you do not want to rent a video yourself, you can watch a film during lunch in the classroom. Check the posted schedule on the bulletin board. Most of the films are unrated or PG, but there are some R-rated titles. Do not choose one of those unless your parents approve. You might want to solicit their suggestions anyway.

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