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Shaking the Shakespeare Blues

Best Sites for Shakespeare

Shakespeare on the Internet is a comprehensive link site that includes scholarly resources.

About.Shakespeare.com is a great starting place with annotated links.

Bard.net Resource Center is comprehensive and well-organized.

BBC In Search of Shakespeare traces Shakespeare's life in two parts. Early Years and Later Years.

BBC 60-Second Star offers tabloid newspaper versions of fourteen plays.

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust offers extensive biographical resources.


Shakespeare Navigators for Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, Romeo and Juliet, and A. C. Bradley's Shakespearean Tragedy are user-friendly hypertext study guides.

Shakespeare's Sonnet of The Day

Lynch Multimedia offers adaptations, simplified prose versions of Macbeth, Hamlet, The Tempest, The Merchant of Venice, Anthony & Cleopatra, and A Winter's Tale.

Teacher Sites

Shakespeare 2000Broadway Archive is the place to find taped-live great performances from Broadway and regional theatres around the country.

Folger Library : Teaching Shakespeare presents lesson plans and resources for teaching many of the plays. The Archives offer more detailed lists of lessons,

Shakespeare Field Trip is a free internet virtual field trip Tourmaker WebTours with special resources provided for teachers.

Shakespeare Illustrated represents years of work finding, scanning, and linking all the art derived from Shakespeare's plays. Wow!

Art to Enchant: Shakespeare and Illustrators from Washington University presents lesser known illustrations and an excellent introductory essay.

Shakespeare Magazine offers exceptional teaching resources. Look for the Hamlet memo!

Bantam Shakespeare primarily promotes the Enriched Classic editions, but it also includes interactive games, and some great short handouts on memorable lines from ech major play.

Absolute ShakespeareAbsolute Shakespeare offers summaries overviews, some criticism, and text of the plays. Focus is on the more frequently taught plays.

Triangulating Shakespeare archives a selection of college level teaching materials -- online syllabi, lecture notes, and critical essays -- as well as student work -- papers, pictures, and performances on RealPlayer video clips.

Web English Teacher offers links for teachers for fourteen of the plays.

Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare is far more than it's title would imply. Wonderful interactive games and video projects. Unexpected in many ways.

ShakespeareCummings Shakespeare Guides offer a varied mix of information written just for the site and links to scholarly resources.

Shakespeare Uncovered is the PBS website with wonderful resources on teaching through video clips. Also includes full episodes.

National Endowment for the Arts Shakespeare in the Community includes lessons, DVDs from plays and of people - celebrity and ordinary folks --speaking about how important Shakespeare is to them. Free. Wonderful.


Shakespeare WebQuest is an introduction to Shakespeare as a lead-in to Romeo and Juliet.

Student Work

Pictures of Kramer's Student Projects

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Shakespeare Scavenger Hunt

Comedy Group Projects

Personal Ad

Quoting from Shakespeare

Shakespearean Insults

Projects for Reports -- includes Body Biography, Coats of Arms, Debate Pages, and many more. Generic.

Henry V Viewing Guide

An Essay on Imagery in Julius Caesar

Understanding Character: Julius Caesar

Looking for Richard Viewing Guide

Othello: Oaths, Curses, and Other Unsuitable Language

Renaissance Man Viewing Guide



Best Sites for Specific Plays


Enjoying Hamlet by Ed The Pathology Guy is a unique experience.

Hamlet summarized in Dog cartoons. OK, just take a look. Or check out Stick Figure Hamlet.

BBC 60-Second Star is a tabloid newspaper version of the play.

Julius Caesar

Mr. Lettiere's Teacher Site has act by act assignments available.

Plutarch's Caesar.

BBC 60-Second Star is a tabloid newspaper version of the play. Also a Photo Story using photographs and caption in a graphic novel style to show how the stpry might happen today.

King Lear

Enjoying King Lear offers an unusual approach.


Enjoying Macbeth plays upon all the violence that makes this play seem so contemporary.

The famous 30-second Macbeth from Folger.

Universal Teacher has excellent study questions and activities.

BBC 60-Second Star is a tabloid newspaper version of the play. Bitesize, another BBC site includes great activities and review videos made by students.

Measure for Measure

BBC 60-Second Star is a tabloid newspaper version of the play.


Othello is a WebQuest focusing on historical and cultural context.

Othello Rap works well to introduce the play.

Richard III

The Richard III Society's official website. Fascinating.

BBC 60-Second Star is a tabloid newspaper version of the play.

Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet

Script for Romeo and Juliet: The Movie is the modernized 1996 film.

BBC 60-Second Star is a tabloid newspaper version of the play. There's also an intriguing Photo Story, interpreting what might happen today, using photos and captions much like a graphic novel.

Multiple Plays

Utah Shakespeare Festival -- Who knew the wealth one can find here! Handouts available on Shakespeare and 32 individual plays.

OregonOregon Shakespeare Festival at Ashland has a Video Archive with short clips from productions and interviews with actors and directors.

AlabamaAlabama Shakespeare Festival has some very thorough study guides.

Universal Teacher has extensive lessons for five frquently taught plays.

Royal Shakespeare Society has an eclectic set of resources availablefor teachers.

BBC 60-Second Shakespeare has links to short amateur videos from various plays. BBC also offers 60-Second Times, tabloid versions of the plays, reviewing the plot and characters, using the newspaper format. Great as models for assignments with other works. The Shakespeare Retold series also offers an interactive set of activities for four modernized "retold" plays.

Johnstonia, Professor Ian Johnston's extensive Lecture sSeries includes a Studies in Shakespeare course. All wonderful introductions to often-taught plays.

Just for Fun

Shakespearience Poster by T. E. Breitenbach $18 ($21 signed).


Shakespeare's GlobeShakespearean Insulter can help you find the words to put someone in their place.

How about a virtual tour of the New Globe Theater?

Shakespeare's Globe Theater Paper Cutouts lets you print and contruct a Globe model.

Bardolatry is a site that specializes in the unexpected Shakespearean goodies -- up-to-date reviews of productions all overthe country, t-shirts, longlost videos. Hard to describe exactly what it is.

Internet Shakespeare Editions has a whole page of Fun Stuff, with video links to parodies and much more.

Recipes for a Shakespearean Feast.

Talk like Shakespeare. Also offers suggestions on how to blog and twitter like the bard.

Titles from Shakespeare collects all the various allusions to Shakespearean plays and the various books and movies inspired by his words. Overwhelming!

Reduced Shakespeare is just too much fun.

The TV Viewer's Guide to Shakespeare by J. E. Consolmagno is the best of the best! Originally in the April 1978 American Way, the inflight magazine of American Airlines.

Shakespeare Resources lists teaching units, reference works and films used in our courses.

 References by Sandra Effinger and Linda Kramer.
Updated 10 February 2017.

If you download or print anything from this site, please consider making at least a $10.00 donation through PayPal.
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