POSTCARD FORMAT. Your project must satisfy ALL of the following criteria:

  • Postcard is mounted on cardboard, file stock, or other stiff material.
  • The only acceptable mounting materials are rubber cement or a glue stick. No tape. No staples.
  • Projects are decorated colorfully with paint, colored pencils, felt-tip pens, crayon, pastels, or another medium specifically approved by the teacher.
  • Projects are illustrated with original artwork, traced or copied artwork, graphic designs, or appropriate photographs cut from magazines.
  • Your name must appear in the appropriate place on the card.

A wise student would sketch all lettering or drawings lightly in pencil and proofread several times. A very wise student would enlist the aid of several proofreaders.

POSTCARD CONTENT. The purpose of the postcard is to share information from the work studied. Design an appropriate stamp, postmark, and illustration. Make up an appropriate address and message. In the place provided for a description of the illustration, write a caption and indicate the source of your illustration if it is not original.

To print a larger version of the Postcard Form.

To see Student Samples from Classical Literature Fall 1999.

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