Include your NAME and PROJECT TYPE on the front of all projects. Use unlined paper, poster board, construction paper, and colorful art materials to make your projects more attractive. You will be graded on neatness, doneness, creativity, and knowledge. Your project must PROVE that you KNOW the material studied. Choose a project which matches the kind of information in your report. Picking an appropriate form to interpret your knowledge is part of the assignment itself!

Projects must be adapted to fit SPECIFIC content areas, such as English, social studies, mathematics, science, etc. Do not wait until deadlines to ask about assignments. Links to generic grading guide and to individual project checklists for evaluation.

Promotional Package
Banner, Bumper Sticker,
Lapel Button, T-Shirt,
Bookmark AND
TV or Radio Commercial
Boxed Games
Board Game or Card Game
AND Crossword or
Word Search with Clues
Knowledge Required to Play
Performance Arts
Puppet Show, Interview,
Costumed Roleplay, Rap,
OR Dramatic Interpretation
Script and Video Required
Party Package
Appropriate Invitation,
Decorations, Guest List,
Menu, Entertainment,
AND Society Page Report
News Page, Editorial Page,
Features Page, Services Page
(Advice, Cartoons, Ads...)
A Four-page Newspaper
Fine Arts
Drawing, Painting, Mural,
Sculpture, Dance, Diorama,
Mobile, OR Music
Any Combination of Three
Work Package
Appropriate Résumé,
Job Application, Want Ad,
Job Description, AND
Interview Questions
Illustrated Cover, Labeled
Photographs, Mementos,
Detailed Captions, AND
Paragraph Explanations
Added Chapter/Scene,
Prequel, Sequel, What If?,
Behind-the-Scenes, OR
Meeting of the Minds
Letter Package
Letter & Response on
Personalized Stationery
with Envelopes, AND
Appropriate Stamps
Flow Chart
Symbols for People or
Positions, Illustrations,
Code for Relationships, AND
Paragraph Explanations
Children's Version, Minibook,
Readers' Theater, Journal,
Diary, Script, "I" Narrative,
Parody, OR Comic Book
Poetry Package
Regular/Blank/Free Verse
(Formula, Shrinklit, Sonnet,
Haiku, Ballad, Concrete...)
Any Three Poems, Illustrated
Appropriate Settings, Legend,
Symbols, Illustrations,
Event Notations, AND
Paragraph Explanations
Project of Your Choice

Submitted in Writing
in Advance and Subject
to Teacher Approval
 The teacher may assign these SPECIAL PROJECTS. Follow separate guidelines exactly.

Teaching Poster

Debate Page

Research Folder

Bulletin Board

Coat of Arms


Body Biography

Mind Map

 Motif Mural

Assignments OR Checklists for Grading OR Home

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