or the Fine Art of Christening Characters

Directions: Make up appropriate names for each of the characters described below. Let the sound and the connotation of the name help reveal this character's nature.

  1. A first-grader who acts like an angel at home and turns into a brat at school
  2. A fifth-grader with a crush on the music teacher
  3. A thirteen-year-old who deliberately sets out to become popular
  4. A high school senior who was falsely accused of selling drugs
  5. A local boy who is the school's Tom Cruise.
  6. A local girl who is the school's Brooke Shields
  7. A grandmother who does the comfortable things grandmothers are famous for -- crochet, garden, can peach preserves, etc.
  8. An eighty-year-old man who insists on moving into an old folkshome in spite of his familys protests
  9. A securities analyst who had studied at Juillard and gives piano lessons on the side
  10. A female teacher who once was asked to pose for Playboy
  11. A middle-aged Jewish immigrant from Poland who sews dresses
  12. A teenager changed forever by the experience of killing a deer
  13. A man who breeds silver foxes, living off the pelts he prepares for sale
  14. A quiet, mousy young woman of thirty who is secretly psychic
  15. An elegant, efficient female business executive of thirty
  16. A middle-aged cowboy who owns his own ranch
  17. An outgoing, attractive male of thirty who plays professional basketball
  18. A shy, insecure thirty-year-old man who still lives at home with his mother
  19. A cruel, sadistic murderer who preys on elderly women
  20. A bride from New York, just arriving in the Western town where her husband is sheriff
  21. A pseudonym used for romance novels by a serious mainstream writer
  22. A pseudonym used for serious mainstream novels by a romance writer
  23. A highly-decorated soldier returning from a tour of duty in Vietnam
  24. A child born to flower children of the Sixties
  25. A baby born blind
  26. A heavy metal rock star
  27. A tough female private investigator
  28. A nosy neighbor who starts untrue gossip about teenagers
  29. A sheriff of a small midwestern town
  30. A chief of police of a large eastern city
  31. A check-out clerk in a supermarket
  32. A Hollywood starlet
  33. A country-and-western singer
  34. A bullfighter
  35. A Caribbean pirate
  36. A foreign correspondent
  37. A shopkeeper in a small New England town
  38. A mother who is a closet alcoholic
  39. A father who understands all teenagers -- except his own son
  40. A Shakespearean actor
  41. A homeless beggar
  42. A stowaway on an interstellar flight
  43. A lovable, friendly alien from another solar system
  44. A monster that plans to conquer earth
  45. A dragon
  46. A lost pet
  47. An angel
  48. A ghost
  49. An artificially intelligent computer that speaks, writes poetry, and dreams
  50. A new sophomore in your teachers English class

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