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tea at noshspacerThis old fogie first taught AP Lit in 1978, consulted for 15 years, butretired two years ago. AP Literature & AP Language are so changed from what I first knew and the new rubric, prescriptive curriculum, awkward transition to online resources, and reliance on shorter works and exerpts have convinced me that I am thoroughly outdated.
spacerThat said, I will be removing the old copies of AP English exams that I have housed in DropBox files -- 1970 to 2019 for Literature, 1978 to 2019 for Language. These, of course, include long-lost essay formats, rangefinders, and nine-point rubrics (450 MB). If you are a donor and have access, please copy everything you want from the archived test files by September 1. I will replace those test files with other materials.
spacerI wish you and College Board the best in this very different testing world.

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Updated 28 May 2020.