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DropBox Access -- Binder material from my summer workshops (250 pages in .PDF format), lists and handouts formerly housed here have been migrated to DropBox. Donors who contribute at least $25.00, using any of the PayPal “Donate” buttons on any page, will receive an invitation to join the DropBox folder. (Some of these materials are offered under the face-to-face teaching fair access exemption.)

Materials NOT Available on the College Board Website

  • MsEffie’s List of Titles from Open Response Questions, 1970-2017: There is no cumulative list of specific titles referenced in the Advanced Placement® Literature and Composition exam.
  • MsEffie’s List of Open-ended Questions for Advanced Placement® Literature Exams, 1970-2017: There is no cumulative list of open-ended prompts. Those that are available are as separate documents and only go back to 1999.
  • Cumulative lists of the other Advanced Placement® Literature Poetry and Prose Prompts and the three Advanced Placement® Language Prompts in single documents are not available.
Materials Removed from This Site (Materials shared by other teachers were removed for their own protection.)
  • The Permissions group looked at my website and passed on this message: “Our policy is that we do not allow reposting of any of our content on sites other than our own, whether that content is posted by us or not. Consultants can use it in workshops but shouldn’t be posting it online. There is also no reference to the fact that we were not involved in and do not endorse her site, and she does not attribute the AP trademark at all. It would be best to simply pull any AP materials that [she] specifically did not generate as soon as possible.”
  • The final College Board® decision was: The materials need to be removed and it is either available on AP Central or is not eligible to be posted online. 
  • A full list of the College Board Trademarks (which even include the words Advanced Placement®).

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