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spacerMy materials, those not created by College Board, have been migrated to the Assignments page. Fortunately, increased donations will allow me to maintain the other pages on this site.

spacerSandra Effinger (mseffie@mac.com)

Please examine available materials on the College Board website. Please note that Subject Pages have been recently re-designed, with access to classroom resources, as well as access to exam questions.

Binder Materials & Files from My Summer Workshops

DropBox Access -- Binder material from my summer workshops (250 pages in .PDF format) various lists and handouts formerly housed here have been migrated to DropBox. A DropBox link will be provided to donors who contribute at least $25.00, using any of the “Donate” buttons on any page. After your PayPal donation, you will receive the invitation to join a DropBox folder. (These materials are offered under the face-to-face teaching fair access exemption).

Genre Packets & Focused Presentations

Genre Packets & Focused Presentations -- Materials developed as reference materials or one-hour focused workshops. These are not College Board materials, so are hosted elsewhere on my website.

Also includes links for Literary Theory, Terminology, Teacher Sites, etc.

You may find other useful materials at Assignments, Handouts OR Yummy Bytes.

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