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After consulting a copyright lawyer (who just happens to be married to an Advanced Placement® English teacher), I am once again sharing online some of the lists I have maintained since 2004, with modifications.

Versions of all these files are available in the DropBox in Word format so you can edit them yourself. Some materials cannot be shared online and are found only in the DropBox files. Many of these files are available in Word document form in the DropBox, so you can edit the originals easily.

Materials Available Online

Advanced Placement® Literature Tests (to 2024)

AP Lit Referenced Titles, 1970 to 2024, as Webpage.
AP Lit Referenced Titles as PDF (and 2-column format).

AP Literature Open Prompts, 1970-2024, as PDF, PowerPoint, and Webpage. Condensed 1-Page List (Thanks to Claudia Felske).

AP Literature Poetry Prompts, 1970 to 2024, as PDF.
AP Literature Poetry Prompts with Poems, 1970 to 2024, as PDF.
AP Poets Referenced, 1970-2024, as PDF.

AP Literature Prose Prompts, 1970 to 2024, as PDF.
AP Literature Prose Passages, 1970 to 2024, as PDF.
AP Prose Writers Referenced, 1970-2024, as PDF.
AP Prose Prompts Rewritten with Stable Wording, as PDF (Thanks to Tia Miller).

Overview of AP Literature Stable Pronots, as PDF and as PowerPoint.

Interesting re-grouping of AP Literature prompts by subjects (Thanks to Ann Elizabeth Richards). Open Prompts Grouped, Poetry Prompts Grouped, and Prose Prompts Grouped.

Advanced Placement® Language Tests (to 2024)

All Three AP Language Free Response Prompts, 1970 to 2024, as PDF.

AP Language Prose Passages, 1982 to 2024, as PDF (Thanks to Chris Godat).

Overview of AP Language Stable Prompts, as PDF and as PowerPoint.


DropBox Files

I am unable to share some materials online. A DropBox link will be provided to donors who contribute at least $25.00, using any of the “Donate” buttons on any page. Your donation pays for online storage space, extended bandwidth, software, security services, and my time. You will need to have a free DropBox account for access.

(These materials are offered under the face-to-face teaching fair access exemption).

Donors are welcome to contact me with any special requests for information (mseffie@mac.com).

Materials Available in the DropBox Files

Detailed List of All Materials — DropBox Content.

  • Binder materials from my summer workhops (300+ pages in .PDF format). Reworked to include both AP Language and AP Literature (with an admitted greater emphasis on literature).
  • New rubrics in several formats.
  • More than 20 Bell Work / iOpeners for beginning your classes.
  • More than 25 Book Projects.
  • More than 50 AP appropriate Short Stories.
  • More than 75 Passages appropriate for AP English.
  • More than 75 PowerPoints suited to both AP and Regular English classes.
  • Visual Literacy Materials for Art and Advertising.
  • And more. . .

Advanced Placement® Language and Literature Tests from 1970 to 2024.

AP Language and LiteratureTests Reorganized: Each prompt is now a separate dated file with prompt, scoring guide (6-point and/or 9-point), sample student essays, comments -- whatever I have, attached. Released multiple-choice exams are in a separate folder.

updated Q3 Sample Essay List organized by Title, Year, and Score (Thanks to Brian Sztabnik), as PDF.

AP Language FRQs

  • Argument
  • Defend, Challenge, or Qualify
  • Paired Passages
  • Thetorical Analysis
  • Synthesis Prompts
  • Take a Position

AP Literature FRQs

  • Open Question
  • Poetry
  • Prose

You can still use the list of titles to locate which file holds the scored sample essays.

Special Prompts -- Long lost formats, four that were actually used for both Literature & Language. Personal favorites, like the Pairs Prompt. And a 1996 Country Prompt student essay on The Things They Carried that the Chief Reader agreed was a 10 (and photo-copied for me). Yes, a 10.

It’s All Happening Online —Useful Links

AP Central & YouTube -- Finding your way around the Advanced Placement website can be tricky. Direct links listed below (with some of those acronyms defined).

AP English FaceBook Groups

Teacher Sites -- Where have all the teachers gone? On sabbatical, into administration, to commercial sites, to retirement. So sorry.

  • Gina Korteum’s Lit & More: Modest but masterful, Gina shares a wealth of free resources on her website and extensive affordable materials on Teachers Pay Teachers. Practical, adaptable jewels.
  • Tim Freitas’ The Garden of English: Delightful, often surprising viewpoint. Sense of humor meets excellence. Love all the videos, handouts and posters.
  • Susan Barber’s and Brian Sztabnik’s Much Ado About Teaching: The reincarnation of AP LIT Help. These gifted inspiring teachers have mastered the ability to explain everything AP clearly. Articles, videos, handouts are amazing.
  • Beth Hall’s Coach Hall Writes offersmany free AP Language materials with links to Teachers Pay Teachers materials. Subscribe to her YouTube channel for excellent, focused videos.
  • Brian Tolentino shares dozens of short videos on his YouTube Channel, Tolentino Teaching. SAT Vocabulary and Rhetorical Terms are especially helpful.
  • Kristian Kuhn’s home page shares some excellent assignments. Teachers Teaching Writing, his YouTube channel has dozens of clever, useful videos for AP Literature.
  • Susan Barber’s Teach with Class site offers Teacher Resources.
  • Jerry Brown’s website has buried treasure, well worth seeking.
  • Don Pogebra’s Quixotic Pedagogue: Gorgeous website with generous materials. Retired.
  • Ronnie Campagna’s DropBox is a wealth of materials. Please download; do not delete or move.
  • Dawn Hogue’s Online English Resources provides a Teacher’s Toolbox and other online resources for AP and regular classes.
  • MsEffie’s LifeSavers: Several ways to get there – Google “mseffie” [first hit], use the short domain router (mseffie.com). Mine. What can I say? Such a nerd!


Writing Help

Literary Theory and Criticism

Miscellaneous Resources -- $ Resource Requiring Payment

  • TeachIt is a United Kingdom site (for their teachers) whose worksheets approach texts in a different way than we do. Though designed for their “regular” classes, the emphasis is usually on the kind of analysis we do in Advanced Placement classes. PDF files are free to download if you register. 
  • Thought.Co Writing is the old About.com and offers a disorganized but intriguing mess of articles on language, literature, art, and more -- tips on grammar, sample paragraphs of every mode, suggestted topic lists, critical analyses, passages by well-known authors focusing on specific stylistic traits, and so on. The short introductions analyze each piece and help focus discussion.
  • TED Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing -- Based upon the regular TED Talks and a library of original animated videos, TedEd provides a platform for teachers to share lessons based on the videos.
  • CrackAP.com -- provides free access to 50+ practice multiple-choice exams on various passages, many of them from previous AP exams. A very awkward confusing site, but students get immediate assessment and explanations. Just IGNORE all the pop-ups & exterior clicks. AP Language Practices. AP Literature Practices.
  • PrepScholar -- One-stop location for every AP Literature Practice Test available, free & official, including many older ones not available at AP Central.
    AP Language. AP Literature.
  • $ Applied Practice -- Resource Guides for more than 100 titles. Each includes AP style multiple-choice and free response questions withy answers. With explanations of answers. Other stuff available, too.
  • $ Prestwick House -- Reasonably priced packages include Activity Packs, Response Journals, Literature Teaching Units, AP Teaching Units, and Multiple Critical Perspectives, Response Journals, and Activity Packs. Samples available to download to check them out. (Free Crossword Puzzles and free Posters.)

Links to My Pages with Handouts & URLs for Specific Major Works

Advanced English Genre Packets Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad
Advanced World History Resources A History of the World in Six Glasses by Thomas Standage
All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr How to Read Literature like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster (1st & 2nd editions)
Beowulf by Anonymous Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison 
Billy Budd by Herman Melville

“The Lady of Shalott” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

Macbeth by William Shakespeare

The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway
Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand  The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli
Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe Projects for Reports (creative projects)
Everyman by Anonymous Why the Mystery? Why Sherlock Holmes?
Grendel by John Gardner True West by Sam Shepard
Thomas Hardy Poetry & Novels Zoot Suit by Luis Valdez
Other Units

Language Arts


Social Studies

You may find other useful materials at Assignments, Handouts OR Yummy Bytes.

If you download or print anything from this site, please consider making at least a $10.00 donation through PayPal.
I can maintain and expand this website only with your help.

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