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Film Unit Materials and Assignments
The Student Critic: Critiquing a Black and White Film
Approved List of Black and White Films
Film Terms: A Visual Grammar
A Baker's Dozen: Questions for Reading a Film
Is This Film Art? Criteria for Evaluating a Film
Reviewing the Reviewers

Links for Historical Research
About.ClassicMovies -- annotated links for classic film studies
Film 100 - a ranking of the 100 most influential people in the history of cinema. No longer available but discussed here..
Cinema: Film History since 1880 -- small fan site but well-done
Greatest Films Film History by Decade -- covers major films and stars
Internet Movie Database -- search by film for photographs, posters, quotes, trivia, and external reviews.
Silent-Movies.Com -- offers information from that era

Links for Film-making Research
Cinema! How Films Are Made
Drew's Scripts-O-Rama
Wikiversity Film-making Guide

Links for General Research
Academy of Motion Picture Arts
AMC Studios Backlot
American Film Institute
Film Threat Online Intro
Greatest Films
Hollywood Network
Hollywood Reporter
Internet Movie Database
Movie Clichés List
Roger Ebert on Movies
Turner Classic Movies
Universal Pictures
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