Understanding Character

PART ONE: Where the questions below say Character, substitute the name of a character assigned from your reading.

  1. In a contest sponsored by a commercial company, Character has won $100,000. Describe what Character will do with the money.
  2. Character is looking for true love. What qualities will Character look for in the ideal mate? What characteristics make a person the perfect partner? How do you know?
  3. Character wants to buy a new house. What type of home will Character buy? How much will it cost? Where will it be located? What kind of landscaping will it have?
  4. You offer to give Character a ticket to any type of sporting event Character would enjoy seeing. What type of sporting event would Character choose? Why?
  5. You are the director of a movie based upon the literary work which you have just read. Whom will you cast in the role of Character? Why?
  6. Character has just entered a restaurant that serves every type of food in the world. The waiter asks Character, "What would you like to order this evening?" Character replies: "..................." Explain the choice.
  7. You are giving a costume party. What costume will Character choose to wear to your party? Explain why Character would choose this particular outfit.
  8. You have just invented a time machine and you offer Character the opportunity to travel anywhere "anywhen." What choice will Character make? Why? Explain.
  9. Oh, no! Character has just been presented with an arrest warrant. Whatever for? Describe the crime Character has committed, and how Character will react to the police.
  10. Ho! Ho! Ho! You drew Character's name for the traditional Christmas gift exchange. Your selected gift must be an abstract quality -- not a fast car, not a fancy stereo, not jewelry, not an exotic vacation -- only the intangible. What will you give Character and why? Explain.
  11. As an experienced garbage collector, you have learned that garbage is a good indication of someone's personality, their likes and dislikes. Describe the types of garbage you are likely to find at Character's house, and what that garbage reveals about Character.
  12. Boo hoo. Character is dead and buried, but not forgotten. What kind of funeral or other service would Character want? What epitaph on what style tombstone? Where, how, what manner should mark Character's passing? Explain.
  13. Safely buried? Dead and gone? Not quite. Moments later Character awakened wearing a strange new persona. Yes, Character has been reincarnated! Who is Character this time around. Explain.

PART TWO: Answer the following questions about your assigned character. Briefly explain your choices.

Is Character more like:

  1. May or December?
  2. A Hyundai or a Mercedes Benz?
  3. Brown or blue?
  4. The letter A, the letter M, or the letter Z?
  5. Vanilla ice cream or charlotte russe?
  6. New York, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, or New Orleans?
  7. A hammer or a nail?
  8. White, rye, or pumpernickel bread?
  9. A short story, a poem, an essay, or a play?
  10. Soap or dirt?
  11. Fire, water, earth, or air?
  12. A cathedral, a pup tent, or a log cabin?
  13. A filing cabinet, a garbage pail, a wood lathe, or a kitchen stove?
  14. A lock or a key?
  15. The comics, the sports section, the business report, or the editorial page?
  16. A snowstorm or a rainy day?
  17. A horse show, a hockey match, or a track-and-field event?
  18. A forest fire or a mountain stream?
  19. A TV quiz show, a soap opera, a situation comedy, or a drama?
  20. Science fiction, mystery, romance, or horror?

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