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Writing Prompts Creative Writing Student
Project Ideas
Interesting Texts
Journal Wheel Understanding Character Projects for Reports Word by Neruda
Pasteup of Titles Qualities of a Character Research Folder Amazing Word Facts
The Jolly Letter Writer Possessions Reveal Character Teaching Poster  Write Good
Autobiographical Portfolio Naming Characters  Debate Page English Is Tough Stuff
 Reading Journals Short Story Cluster Bulletin Board Hindsight
The Writing Process Short Story Seminars   Coat of Arms   The Right Job
Clichés Literary Response Journal  Postcard  A Bowl of Surreal

18 Paragraph Prompts

Point of View

Body Biography 

Dear John

110 Personal
Experience Topics

Poetry Journals

Mind Map

Why Did the Chicken...?

258 Journal Ideas

Formula Poems

Motif Mural

New Words PowerPoint

Just for Fun 
 Gremlin   Sevens  Five Paragraph Essay   Golden Mean

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