Revealing Character through Possessions

In each set below, the possessions belong to one person. Make up a name for that person and tell what he or she is like, based on these possessions. How does the person act and feel? What are his or her favorite activities? What are some other things the person owns, or would like to own?

Better Homes & Gardens
knitting yarn
cat food
a women's lib pamphlet
cottage cheese
an ad about a department store sale
TV Guide
six-pack of beer
potato chips
big easy chair
golf balls
T-shirt with a wild design
Modern Screen
a bottle of Coca-Cola
hair curlers
a transistor radio
a telephone
a big stuffed dog
Rolling Stone
pair of sandals
a guitar
an expensive DVD player
300 CDs
a giant jar of peanut butter
Aramis after-shave lotion
a $30 silk necktie
a Mercedes Benz
a solid gold cigarette case
Field and Stream
a plaid flannel shirt
a fishing rod
heavy wool socks
a fully equipped backpack
Mother Earth News
well-worn Birkenstocks
a bottle of dandelion wine
a canvas backpack
homemade granola & dates
sketchpad of recycled paper
New Yorker
a cordovan leather briefcase
an electronic beeper
a wok
mineral water
expensive sneakers

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