Reading Journals

Write down the title of your book, the author, and the page at which you stopped. Fill at least one FULL page with your personal response to the book. If you have trouble thinking of enough to fill a page, use some of the following suggested sentence lead-ins.

  1. I wonder what this means
  2. I really don't understand this part because
  3. I really like or dislike this book because
  4. This character, __________ , reminds me of somebody I know because
  5. This character, __________ , reminds me of myself because
  6. This character, __________ , is like __________ in __________ because
  7. I think this setting is important because
  8. This scene reminds me of a similar scene in __________ because
  9. This part is very realistic or unrealistic because
  10. I like or dislike this style of writing because
  11. This section makes me think about __________ because
  12. This section is particularly effective because
  13. The ideas here remind me of the ideas in __________ because
  14. I like or dislike the character, __________ , because
  15. This situation reminds me of a similar situation in my own life when
  16. The character I most admire is __________ because
  17. If I were __________ at this point, I would

Avoid plot summary. Explore your feelings, thoughts, reactions, questions. Take some risks. Write about what you like or dislike, what seems confusing or unusual to you. Tell what you think something means. Make predictions about what might happen later. Try to relate this book to another work you've read. Connect your personal experiences with the characters, plot, or setting.

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